I strive to preserve my own interior figuratively. It is continuous narrative about the everyday, an immortalisation of the shoe chaos in the hallway and a celebration of the kitchen sink. A dance with the everyday which forms my quotidian life. 

The practise circles mainly around the domestic area as this is my most immediate environment. Further, nature has big effect in how I perceive light, shadows and colours. To record the overlooked and ordinary helps me to clearly and powerfully remember the fragile details that weave the baseline of our dailiness.

I work from my own photography and sketches. Photography is a natural recording device for me, but I always find the image needs a deeper layer of information. This is why drawing and painting is important, it allows the image-making to be impulsive and deeply personal in synergy with my intention and in stark contrast to the common transient digital executions of our time.

We are more eager now than ever to capture memories, but with the disposability of digital capture, are we only delegating the responsibility of memory keeping? Will we lose the ability to have memories once we come to rely on the Cloud to store our memories for us? Parallel with this constant worry of forgetting, I recollect today’s perspective in vain hope that one day it will become a visual diary for those who come after.