I'm a creative producer. I provide a service for creatives, agencies and brands finding the most suited artist for every individual project. I will feed you inspiration and push production, making your campaign as strong and visually impactful as possible. 

It can be tricky finding the right artists for the right job. Especially when the choice is larger than ever and we have less time than ever. We can work in a couple of ways:

I’M YOUR RESEARCHER: I work closely with you on look & feel, finding the right artist/s for your budget and time. When needed, I'll even create the presentation to get a winning artist concept approved.

I’M YOUR PRODUCER: I'll work with you to make the production process smooth and cost-effective from sign off, through pre-production and shoot, through to final artwork. 

It’s a circle of goodness. You get a break from time consuming searches, everyone saves money, artists get a chance to shine and I get to do what I love. Contact me directly on anna.blom@hotmail.co.uk